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Koomurri's Russell Dawson
Aboriginal men and women dancers
Rayma Johnson of Koomurri
Russell Dawson opening the 2018 NAIDOC Awards

Photo Compliments Joseph Mayers


Photo Compliments Joseph Mayers

Koomurri Women and Men 2018 NAIDOC Awards
Because Of Her We Can
Rayma Johnson - Smokin'

Photo Compliments Joseph Mayers

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Rainbow Dreaming

Rainbow Dreaming story in art

The Dreaming tells of the journey and the actions of Ancestral Beings who created the natural world. Ancestral Beings are supernatural and creator beings who travelled across the unshaped world in both human and non-human form, shaping the landscape, creating people and laying down laws of social and religious behaviour. The Dreaming is infinite and links the past to the present and determines the future. If life on earth is to continue, these rules, almost lost to the world, need to be followed.

Dreaming is an English word commonly used by Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people alike to describe Aboriginal cosmology and the genesis of the world. The Dreaming encompasses the ancestral narratives about the supernatural and ancestral beings, and their epic deeds of creation. Each narrative is known as a 'Dreaming'. The entire Australian continent is covered in an intricate web of Dreamings or ancestral tracks.

Ceremonies provide a link between the people and The Dreaming and ensure that vital components of this law and The Dreaming stay intact. They provide a time where all people in a language group work together for the survival of The Dreaming.

When discussing specific ceremonies to be performed in the modern era it is important to have a local Aboriginal person present due to the sensitive and sacred nature of some ceremony. There reasons for ceremonies in Aboriginal society, all hold a strong ties with The Dreaming.

What Is A Welcome To Country?

Uncle Allen Madden of the Gadigal People

Welcome To Country is a speech delivered by an aboriginal elder of the land and is a sign of respect to acknowledge the traditional owners of the land past. present and future. Today, it is common protocol for businesses, Local Governments, conferences and forums, sporting clubs, official openings and ceremonies, and other events for Welcomes to Country to be performed by an Aboriginal custodian of the land.

Koomurri aboriginal dance troupe work closely with aboriginal elders and land councils across Australia to ensure the traditional welcome will be delivered by a local elder.

What Is A Smoking Ceremony?

Smoking Ceremony at Barangaroo 2017

A smoking ceremony is an ancient aboriginal custom in Australia that involves burning various native plants to produce smoke, which has cleansing properties and the ability to ward off bad spirits from the people and the land and make pathway for a brighter future.

Certain traditional smoking ceremonies are also believed to be used for positive therapeutic outcomes dependant on what plants are available from region to region.

When you see a smoking ceremony happening, it is a gift from the aboriginal people to all people in Australia so make sure you go to the smoke and wave it over you and cleanse the past for a better future.

What Is A Corroboree

Aboriginal Corroboree

A Corroboree is a gathering of Aboriginal Australians interacting with the Dreaming through song and dance. There are different corroboree's for sacred ceremony, meetings, celebrations, initiation rituals and all differ heavily from language mob to language mob across the country. Sacred Corroboree's are held on country and are private.

Koomurri have developed highly entertaining corroboree's that teach the dreaming stories through didgeridoo, language song-man rhythmic clap sticks, song and dance and we cater for small groups to large world class events.

What Is Story Telling?

Story Telling

Story Telling can be delivered verbally, in song and dance and though art.

Dreaming stories carry the truth from the past, together with the code for the Law, which operates in the present. Each story belongs to a long complex story. Some Dreaming stories discuss consequences and our future being.

When a story is a component of an Aboriginal Dreaming story and is told outside of the country it belongs to, then it is respected as an Aboriginal Dreaming Story from that area and may be shared, however within its country it remains a significant, sacred Dreaming story. It is important to give recognition of the origins of the Dreaming Story.

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Our pre school packages are fun filled entertainment for the little tackers with plenty of hands on fun, song and dance.

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This program can be customised to suit school camps and programs, corporate, medium and small business, tourism and travel agents cultural tours, sporting teams and special needs organisations looking for an authentic educational and fun experience.

Dr Jamal Rifi

"The Dance Trope provided an outstanding Traditional Welcome to our foreign and local guests. The performance presented an educational and entertaining view into Australia’s rich cultural heritage. Thank you for contributing a special start to our conference.”

Previous Executive Director - Passports Office


"I have known Russell and Connie Dawson from the Koomurri Aboriginal dance group for a long time. I have used their professional services in community events and I have found them to be punctual, courteous and take their profession and Aboriginal dance and culture very seriously. "

Dr. Jamal Rifi


"We are most grateful to the dancers for their most professional performance of a very moving dance sequence which provided a special dimension to the ceremony. We would have no hesitation in recommending the Koomurri Dance Troupe to anyone thinking of engaging their services.”

Stephanie Munday-Lake
Assistant Director - Anglican School Office

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Aboriginal Welcome Dance Northern NSW
Jahmarley opening 2016 APRA Awards
Koomurri Aboriginal Kangaroo Dance
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