Russell is a Kamilaroi man with thirty years dancing experience. He dances for his culture and his people. He loves to share the traditions of the Aboriginal people to keep the culture alive for future generations.

Cecil is from the Yaitmatung/ Yuin/ Monaro and Dinghutji mob. He has been dancing and singing for twenty five years. Cecil is inspired by his family. His singing tells story; he is inspired by the expressions on the faces of his audience.

David is still searching for his people, much of his family history and connection to his Aboriginal heritage is unknown. He has been dancing for 3 years now. Everyone around gives him inspiration, he dances to explore and discover his heritage.

Walter comes from from Yuin – Kuris and Walbanga country. He has been dancing for the last ten years. His passion for dance is driven by a desire to carry on the Aboriginal culture.

Jessy is a Munujali man who has been dancing for sixteen years. His inspiration for dance is his mother, for the strength that she has shown him throughout his life.

Jahmarley comes from Kamilaroi/Waanyi country. He has been dancing for nine years. Jahmarley wants to be a leader for Aboriginal people, to help them find their own path to inspiration.

Shane is from Weilwan and Gamilaraay country. He has been dancing for close to sixteen years now. Shane’s inspiration is his mother, father & family, who have given him strength in more ways than he can imagine. His spirit will soar for eternity through being able to dance now.

Eric Arthur (also known as Turtle) comes from the Central Desert region in Walpurri country. He has been dancing for five years. He is inspired by the people who listen to the Aboriginal people’s fight for recognition.

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